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DECOVID operates as a UK-based distributed and virtual collection of teams. Click on the teams to see our team members

Executive Committee

Formed from the executive of each DECOVID partner, and chaired by Professor Simon Ball (Director HDRUK Better Care Science Priority and HDRUK Midlands), the Executive Steering Group provide institutional support and guidance to DECOVID, to maximise its potential to improve patient care.  

Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (led by Professor Bryan Williams, Chair of Medicine and Director of UCL Hospitals NIHR Biomedical Research Centre) is made up of clinicians, researchers, data scientists, statisticians and members of the public, and helps DECOVID decide which questions to focus on first, using their knowledge of frontline health challenges.

Data Trust Committee

The Data Trust Committee acts as the public conscience of DECOVID. This committee of public and patient members reviews all requests to access health data from DECOVID and ensures public voices guide DECOVID's operations and outputs. 

Leadership Group

DECOVID has three Co-Directors: Professor Liz Sapey at UHB/ UoB, Dr Wai Keong Wong at UCLH and Professor Chris Holmes from The Alan Turing Institute and University of Oxford. They are supported by the Working Group, representing each of the core work streams within DECOVID.

Workstreams & Analytical Teams

DECOVID has 5 work streams (NHS partnerships; Connectivity, Technology and software engineering; Health informatics; Analytics; Strategic partnerships and sustainability) and three cross-cutting themes (Patient and Public Involvement; External Communications; Ethics and Governance).